Digital colorist, 20th Century photographs.

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I'm never sure how to introduce myself. Let's say that my work is halfway between that of the photographer, the historian and the restorer of old paintings. My interet of famous photographers goes back to my adolescence. In addition to books, I collected a lot of images, it had become a kind of visual private journal. When I found a new picture. My first reflex was to try to imagine what colours these great masters of black and white saw through their lenses. In 2012, I discovered an American archive site whose particularity is to allow visitors to download old photos in black and white, in high resolution, for the most part without known restriction. Through play and curiosity, I began to restore and colorize one and then two photographs of Dorothea Lange. The result was a revelation. What I imagined when I was a teenager was on my screen. I liked this technique so much that I decided to learn it by specializing in the restoration and colorization of old photos. Colorization has some advantages, first, from an aesthetic point of view it makes the image more "alive", it allows to better distinguish the details. The colorized version offers also the perspective to discover the world as it was in the past. However, no colorized image can replace the original in black and white, because these masterpieces possess, to resist time, their autonomy and their value.

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Digital colorist, 20th Century photographs I colorize and restore old black & white photos.


Digital colorist, 20th Century photographs.